Back. With butt intact.

Even though it was technically cold enough to freeze one's ass off this weekend, we are home safe and sound, asses firmly [and rather robustly] ensconced. We were here, which was a lovely hotel - great waterviews, a beautifully manicured golf course adjacent, if that's your thing, and a spa that played Lizz Wright over the intercom. I love Lizz Wright, and listening to her while getting a deep-tissue massage is the way I'd like to spend all of my Easter mornings. I'll tell you, I was one happy heathen!

The problems with this weekend were:
1. Freezing. Unreasonably cold. With the wind coming off the water, it was masochistic to try to walk around.
2. The hotel was totally overrun with people. There were HUGE passover Seders and services all the hotel ballrooms. And people were all inside, due to #1. (I did notice that one little boy had a SpongeBob yarmulke. Outstanding.) There was a pretty indoor pool that was, I kid you not, wall-to-wall with kids and parents. Any guesses as to how much pee was in that pool? Ugh.

So we drove around. A lot. And figured out that we really like the town of Easton, Maryland. It reminds me of the town I grew up in, with small businesses and older homes, where everyone - for better or worse - knows everyone else's business. Here's a picture of a street:

It's near the water, which is a dream for hubby and I, and it's more affordable than where we're living. (Honestly, where isn't more affordable? Double-ugh.)

The problem? Oh, yeah...that whole pesky i-love-my-job thing. What would we do in this small town? Would I have to go back to teaching? Is that even an option anymore? (not really, I'm afraid...) I can tell you that it's an artsy town, but there ain't no opera company there. And I'm guessing that the locals are probably just fine with that.

But I have to say that, during this weekend, hubby and I got some primo daydreaming done. Together. We're a good team, and thinking about new challenges together is always fun. So, despite all the cold, it was a great weekend.

Next task - spring cleaning. Will our heroine actually get any of it done? Or will her evil nemesis, Squishy Couch, steal her energy and force her to surf the internet and watch bad tv for a week? Tune in tomorrow...


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