a different kind of Sunday

It's well documented that my Sundays tend to be on the lazy side. And quite honestly, I like them that way.

But today I have a to-do list. Ranging from:
  • buy mulch and fix the weed garden
  • mani-pedi before Miami!
I will be at a conference in sunny Miami for the better part of the week, and will get back super-late on Saturday night. So there are a million things to get done before going, since it'll effectively be two weeks before I have the time to do them again. (Work is starting to ramp back up, too. Hence the jitters, I'm sure.)

So I have a billion tasks to complete. I should've started as soon as I got out of bed, right? Naaaaahhhh.....sunday paper, coffee, check my fav sunday morning site, go for a walk in the park that turned into a run and just as suddenly (when i started to wheeze like a career smoker) morphed back into a walk, log onto friendster and facebook [which I very seldom use, but are zehr helpful for procrastination], play with the cat...you get the drift. And I can't decide if I should get cleaned up and run errands, stay dirty & smelly and run errands, or work in the yard until i'm even smellier...

I know. These are tough choices. Doesn't it just make you want to mix a bloody mary or mimosa to deal with the stress?? Hmmmm.... maybe it will be a totally different kind of Sunday....


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