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I'm one of those folks who have lots of buddies, but very few close friends. And that's OK...there are a handful of girls [and of course, Hubby, who is not a girl but is my #1 ] who I would drop everything for, and conversely who I would trust with anything more than the standard "Yeah, things are pretty good..." It's not that things aren't good, or that they're bad, it's just that there aren't so many people whose help and comfort I actively seek out, that I feel comfortable enough with to not have to second guess myself.

So I read this book by Anne Patchett called Truth and Beauty. It's about her friendship with the poet Lucy Grealy, and in many ways it echoes a certain friendship that started in graduate school, and that continues in fits and starts of good will. While neither of us have cancer or are writers (not really a spoiler alert, I promise), M and I have that same kind of relationship...we could spen
d weeks together without problem, and then spend weeks apart, knowing that we needed a little escape but feeling smaller and less vibrant because of it. I allow her more space, more room, more mental real estate than I do many, and she in turns allows me to be bigger, messier, less cut-and-dried. She has that Artistic Temperament that I always wanted, but that I couldn't quite understand.

So thanks to Anne Patchett for recording her relationship for others to read. And thanks to M for knowing when I need to be thrown around.


Unknown said…
Well. I don't think about myself as having an "artistic temperament", only as being a pain in the ass. It is also comedic that, if I am correct in my interpretation of your kind words, you show me love by allowing me more rope to hang myself with in terms of thinking about myself too much than you allow others, whatever vocabulary I happen to be using to think so at a given moment. Or perhaps by "mental real estate" you mean that you allow me to squat on your premises more than others, soaking up balance from our combination, walking away listing to one side slightly less.... Whatever the case, I do not stop craving your company during the times off you refer to, and it is not only goodwill that gets me dialing your number, but also a keen awareness that yer rad. And not because of the length of rope you allow me. Donkey.

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