The Great American Novel, extra-boring edition

I am sitting in my newly-clean living room, listening to G. Love & Tristan Prettyman (What a great last name...), chasing the cat around with some mylar streamers on a fishing-pole thingy.

Waiting for the contractors.

Like waiting for Godot, but with less literary merit. Way less.

You see, when the previous owners of our little townhouse remodeled the (only) bathroom, they installed a faulty plate behind the faucet. A little bit of water behind the tub turned into a hole in my kitchen ceiling and two months and six plumber visits, with no one able to figure out the problem.

Fast forward six weeks. I'm done with the unintentional water feature, and make appointments with a plumber, a general contractor, and head to the big-box hardware store to buy some new shower doors. At this point I don't know if any of these things will fix the problem, but I'm tired and hoping that throwing money at the problem will make it go away. The plumber finds the problem (Oh, Mr. Plumber, where have you been all my life?)& orders the part, the doors are purchased, and the GC will dry-wall the ceiling a week after the plumber installs the new part. Things are looking up!

Fast forward 3 weeks to today. The big-box retailer lost my order, even though I've been calling 3-4 times weekly since I bought the doors. And this morning I get a call from the dude that sold me the doors.

Dude: "Ah, yes, I left you a message yesterday saying that I forgot to charge you for the removal of the old doors. It's $67."
Me: "Oh, no...we spoke yesterday, and you said that you'd take that fee out of the cost of the doors since I've been waiting for THREE WEEKS for someone to schedule this install with me. I will not be paying extra, and I expect Wesley (the installer) here this morning. Remember?"
Dude: "I'll need to talk to the manager"
Me: "Please have him call me. I haven't had breakfast and will be happy to EAT HIM ALIVE. THROUGH THE PHONE. MAKE. MY. DAY."

Good news - Wesley is on his way. Bad news? I have to pee and he'll be here as soon as I pull my pants down, I'm sure.

As for the actual leak, the plumber finally has the part and wants to install it tomorrow. Keep in mind that I took this week off work to spring clean the house and deal with the contractors, thinking that I'd take off on Friday morning, spend the weekend in Pittsburgh while hubby was at an alumni event in NC. But the plumber can come between 10 and 12 on Friday. So I'm staying until it's done. Because I'm a martyr like that. And will be hitting Pittsburgh right smack in the middle of rush hour. Which, comparatively, isn't anything to speak of, but still gets me grumpy.

So hopefully, this totally painful saga will be finished posthaste. And if not, you'll see a For Sale - Cheap! sign in my front lawn tomorrow afternoon.


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