heinz 57

Catchup time.

It's Monday night, which means that Heroes is on, and that I am a happy girl.

In the airport Saturday night in Miami, though I saw real-live heroes. A squadron returning from the middle east. BIG smiles on their faces. And applause from everyone in the terminal as they gathered.

Regardless of where I stand on the war (I don't want to get political here. Yet.), I have to say that seeing them all together, returning to their home, made me really, really happy. Rock on, gentlemen. And thanks.

As far as the opera conference, here's the experience, reduced to bullet points.
  • Saw much less of Miami than I had hoped.
  • Met opera folks from around the country.
  • Learned how to say "Bite me" in Croatian.
  • People watched at South Beach. As my colleague remarked, there were fairly few "South Beach Bodies" walking along the strip. Lots more "South Park" bodies, quite frankly.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the new Anna Karenina. Great show.
  • Took copious notes and doodles.
C'est tout. C'est fini.


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