miami, part 2


Miami is sunny and breezy. As are most of the people I've met at this conference. Which is good, as I've seen very little actual sun. Took a day-long [whew! that's hard for a short-attention-span-theater type of girl. ] seminar on negotiating, which was totally interesting even if only for the fact that I know sooooo little. Big thing that I learned? It doesn't have to be adversarial. I'm not actually required to grow sweaty palms at the mere mention of the word. Had me a little epiphany at that one, I'll have you know.

But the highlight, beside putting faces to names and sitting in on some good discussion & gossip, was tonight's dress rehearsal of Anna Karenina. If you're at all into new works, or if you're into sopranos who BOTH SING AND ACT THE CRAP OUT OF THEIR ROLE, or if you're into Russian literature, or pretty stage pictures, run and get a ticket now, either for this Florida production or for subsequent productions at St. Louis and Michigan Opera Theater. Fabulous. Loved it.

{And if you do see it, and are in the mood for more 20th century opera, check us out here in June for one of my favorite operas of all time. And yes, I'm totally biased, but only because it really is just that good.}

It's late. Going to bed. Probably skipping yoga tomorrow morning...but tonight's show has me feeling a little taller anyway.


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