Did you know that Josh Rouse wrote a song about a bum named Pittsburgh? Worth a spin. Maybe not 2 spins, as it's not my favorite song of his, but definitely worth one if you have any affinity for the Steel City and its extreme neighborhoodism. [No, can't make it....it's on the other side of the river...I don't like to cross the river...too far....]

Anyhoo...Stayed with K and K at their adorable home on Friday after a tasty dinner at the Church Brew Works. K (the girl, not the boy, although I know its hard to tell when I just use initials and they have the same one.) Is expecting her first in a few months, and holy crap I hope that I look that good if I get pregnant! She's so put together...my plans of getting knocked up and letting the house and my body fall all to shit have just hit a major roadblock. (And I'm sure that Hubby totally thanks you for rocking my worldview, K!)

On Saturday went up to hang out with the parents - they're doing fine, but are getting a little feisty with one another. Dad wants to travel, Mom wants to stay home with her pets. (Evidently I am my father's daughter in at least this case.) And I scored an all-clad sautee pan ("We have two - do you want one?" "Hell, yeah!") an awesome new book and a leather purse that's too big for mom and tres cool. It was like Christmas all over again! As always, good to see them.

Sunday - Stopped at D's to see tiny T, the new baby just home from the horsepistal. Sooo tiny! She slept on my shoulder for an hour, and I could've been there all day, talking to D, listening to her precocious older daughter T (This using first initials is not working out so well anymore...) sing songs, watching her hubby horse around with big T while watching a baby snooze on my shoulder. 'Twas just awesome. Stopped by to see my father in law, visited my mother in law at work, and hit the road.

I think that's the only drag about visiting Pittsburgh...that I don't have an apartment in the middle of everything anymore, and I have to drive all over God's green earth to visit! A small price to pay.


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