tonight's stupid conundrum

1. it's cold outside.

2. we're out of coffee.

3. i'm sleepy.

if i don't get my fat ass off the couch and get some coffee, i'll have to get out of the house without it tomorrow. which, as you can guess, is difficult at best.

but i really, really, reeeeaaaalllllyyy don't want to go outside.

the kicker is that we're going out of town for the weekend. so if i don't pick it up tonight, and forget to tomorrow, i will be totally screwed on monday.

and who needs to be screwed extra on a monday morning? i'm no glutton for punishment.

in happy, fabulous news, hubby is taking me away for the weekend to the eastern shore of Maryland. I've been through, but never stayed for any length of time. I'm excited to putz around a little town, hang out with hubby, and just relax before the summer madness begins!


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