big brother for real?

Ok, first I'll just say that i read Drudge just about every day.
Ok, so more than once a day - I'm a bit of a junkie.
And while I'll never, ever be able to keep up with all of the political shenanigans in this corner of the world, I like being able to check out what's happening RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

(and I love his fluffier stuff - where did the video of the swimming white tiger go?!?)

But last night and this morning, there are postings dealing with Google. Now, in the interest of full disclosure I have a gmail account. iGoogle is my homepage. And I use Google maps exclusively for directions around town.

There are Google maps satellite pictures WITH PEOPLE. Recognizable faces. License plates. A woman jogging. A man outside an adult bookstore.

Now, I know that the pictures are probably old - heck, when you Google map my office building, you see a big dirt pit where there's now a parking lot. And has been for several years. And there are people everywhere during daylight hours, walking through satellite pictures and such. It'd be hard to get pictures of everywhere in the US without catching a few people here and there. I get it. I do.

But the thought that Google could've taken a picture of me jogging, however, is simply terrifying. The fact that it may have been from several years ago is a little better, as I was younger and thinner then. But the fact that it could be around in the webosphere for years to come makes it even a little more terrifying, if possible. Ugh.

And don't even get me started speculating about what the current administration is doing with this technology. All those dirty old men...

No more running to the mailbox in my jammies.


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