i was watching an informal performance the other day. the space was flooded with sunlight.

as the singing began, i noticed that there was a filament [someone's long hair, probably] that had caught on two people's heads. like an arched connection between the two of them, as they both took in this beautiful song.

that thought of being actually physically connected in the presence of a live performance made me terribly happy. it confirmed something for me.

feeling a little more philosophical than usual for a Sunday morning.

finding some new friends in unexpected places.

getting back in touch with old friends, and finding cracks in the relationship that weren't there before. not sure whether to pursue the cracks and hope they mend, or to accept the cracks and mourn the loss. neither choice is easy, and to be honest i'm not sure which would be more welcome.

trying to come to terms with so many friends starting families, and figuring out where we fit... if we fit, if we will fit someday, or if we just won't.

work is busy and fulfilling. i love being surrounded by musicians! and i respect their willingness to totally uproot themselves and come play in the 'burbs for weeks at a time. am feeling more responsible this year for them, though. knowing how difficult it is to call somewhere new home, i'd love to be able to smooth over all their problems. it's not in my power, as much as i'd like it to be. there's one that has a visa issue that we're working on, and you can tell how it stresses her out. i wish my magic wand would work on that one...

ok. done. another cup of coffee, the crossword puzzle, and perhaps a walk/pedi/retail therapy. i think the German word of the day is innig.


Dr. Bobb said…
Your life reads like a General Foods International Coffee commercial. I wish you would give lessons on how to achieve the lovely balance you seem to have achieved. Really. Unless you're fooling us and are as neurotic as everyone else?
rahree said…
you are too kind. what you don't know is that i'm wearing a wig b/c i've pulled all my hair out. balanced, indeed. ;)

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