Ok, so I'm not even really sure if I spelled it right, but I hope so.

When we moved to the DC area several years ago, one of hubby's co-workers took us under his wing. In fact, one of the first events I remember was being invited to his daughter's graduation party at a great restaurant in Alexandria, VA. (She's graduating this month. Time flies!) M and his family belong to a Greek Orthodox church in our neighborhood. It's a beautiful building full of nice, good, loud folks.

Now, how do I know so much about this church, being a Polish Roman Catholic? Well, once a year they have a Greek Festival, and these folks know how to celebrate! As you approach the church it smells like heaven - fresh air [today with a great spring breeze] seasoned with charcoal, roasting meat and fried dough. Aaaaahhhhh. Live music, Greek dancing every hour, a buffet TO DIE FOR with gyros and souvlaki and vats of tzatziki and homemade pita and wine and, of course, baklava.

Never mind that I had just eaten lunch before we went. I ate my whole gyro [ok, gave a tiny bite to hubby, but it wasn't as much as he would've liked!] which was roughly the size of Greece itself. Good stuff! And, of course, it was great to see M and his family, wife and all 3 kids (very poised and friendly, btw) while we were there.

Thank you M and family and St. George's in Potomac for the lovely afternoon - we'll definitely be back next May!


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