kitty hell... a piano tuner.

Mr. Piano Tuner is doing his loud pitchy magic, trying to turn my honky-tonk toad into a real live piano again. And kitty is under the bed, looking pissed as hell.And I'm hoping that it's over soon, too. Even when I'm on a different floor, my little house isn't big enough to get away from the dingdingdingDINGDINGDINGDING on one string. Multiply that DING by 81 keys, and 2 or 3 strings per key, and you get a long morning indeed.

I am soooooo ready to be at work this morning. Ugh.

In other news, saw the WNO's dress rehearsal for Verdi's Macbeth last night. The orchestra was AWESOME - it was truly like sitting in a Memorex commercial, having these gorgeous waves of sound crashing past, blowing my hair back. The conductor was great - easy, relaxed movements, really took care of the singers [more than he should've needed to, I think, but that's a whole other posting...] and allowed the orchestra to shine. Boy, I wish that I had been able to sing some's not so much made for little voices like mine, though.

I think the tuner is allergic to cats....he's starting to sniff.
Maybe he'll finish can hope!


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