life, brought to you by Mother Nature

It's beautiful here today - mid 60s, low humidity and a sky full of blue. Rather than my usual Sunday amble down the trail, I decided to hike the Billy Goat Trail that runs along the Potomac. It's a more challenging walk than I usually do, and to be honest I haven't done it since last fall. Because I'm a total slacker. But it's beautiful.

And it hit me this time that the way I approach the trail mirrors the way I approach life in general. I like it because it's challenging and I have to find creative ways to bet over HUGE pieces of rock. I like going uphill better than going downhill - I have more control, even though it's harder. (And I don't worry as much about slipping as I do when gravity is helping. I'm not graceful.)

I'm stiff in places that I wish I weren't. I get too set in my routine, and am surprised when I find something to be more difficult than I think it should be. And I tend to push too hard too fast, and end up a little sore.

And some days, I just opt out. Put on the headphones and take the easy path rather than the challenging one. Or worse, just sit on the couch.

So here's the resolution: to try the challenging way even when I feel like sitting. To be open to trying new things. To explore more. It's a tall order...wish me luck.


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