mother-daughter relationship

Got up early and got my butt (and the rest of me) on the trail for a nice walk this morning. Before I left for Miami last week, trees were just starting to bud and there were traces of bright green and that crazy purply-pink on the cherry trees.

And now Mother Nature has got her groove on. BIG TIME.

Pictures to come soon...honeysuckle by the canal, vines [ok, it's kudzu, but it's still pretty] overgrowing big rocky outcroppings, everything shades of brilliant green. So pretty.

The bonus? I got a double-workout this morning, as I sneezed myself down the trail. Because when Mother Nature gets herself all dolled up, she's not doing it to feel good about herself. She's doing it to get lucky. And not just hey-i-won-2-bucks-on-this-scratch-off-lottery-ticket lucky, but rather the hey-i-just-won-the-whole-pot-at-the-high-roller-poker-table-at-the-bellagio-and-who-wants-to-party-with-me-now??? lucky.

So, thanks to M.Na, I feel good for having exercised, am invigorated from the beauty of the park. But I totally look like I'm stoned. Hunting for the eyedrops and hitting the shower. Have a great day, all!


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