score : 0-0. No love here.

Today was like a bad tennis match.

On one side of the net: a large, hulking player named Frustration. Not so fast, but with the annoying tendency to smack a shot at you, and then run toward you and sit on you, WWF style.

On the other side: Goodie. Much smaller and faster than Frustration. Someone you'd like to have hang around a little longer, maybe grab a bite to eat after the match. But nope, Goodie's gotta run, and before you know it Frustration is keeping you company at the bar. Asking for your number. Over and over again.

Lots of craptastic work-related news. Nothing worth relating, except a project I reallyreallyreally wanted to see happen is totally dead, for reasons that we had very little control over. Sigh.

I'll be wearing black tomorrow in mourning, doing my best Johnny Cash impression.

And I took a new Pilates class tonight. I really enjoyed it, but it was hard and I wasn't good at it. I wasn't bad enough to ask for my money back, but it's going to suck for a while.

(So I'll be a limping Johnny Cash tomorrow. You'll know me by my gimp. )

But, in the Goodie column, saw some good friends this afternoon who make me totally happy. I could've hung out with them for hours but for this pesky thing called "work."

AND, in the Goodie column, THIS. You should totally own it- the title track alone is guaranteed to make you smile. Unless your name is Eugene. Then you might feel a little dumb.


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