a study in bullets

today? a good, lazy day.

actually, while it wasn't productive in that kick-ass, take-no-prisoners kind of vein, lots of things were accomplished today.
  • a Tar-jay run for cleaning supplies. (that i have no intention of using today)
  • actually cracked the piano and played and sang for about an hour. just for fun, mind you, but it was nice to dust off the keys & pipes and find that they work just fine, more or less
  • grilled dinner. like a real man. rrrrrrrrrrrr.
  • scrubbed the shower grout with a toothbrush. because i can be hard core.
  • took clothes to goodwill
  • staked my lillies - they look like they're going to bloom soon.

and now? now that all the work that going to be done is done? Rahree, what ever will you do with yourself???

  • the Heroes marathon is on Sci-Fi.
  • Just finished a medium-rare cheeseburger from the grill (don't judge).
  • have had a glass or two of wine. might have another...


the last weekend of freedom is rolling along quite nicely, my lovelies. rolling, rolling, rolling....


Dr. Bobb said…
Sigh. I'm behind the times. Not only have I never seen Heroes, but no one told me there's a new Pink Martini CD.
rahree said…
dude - i am SO into Heroes...it's a little unhealthy. Same with PM. hey, at least it's not heroin, right? iff'n you're up this way. Martini is playing at Wolf Trap...we'll ALL be on the lawn... isn't it field trip time????

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