sweet freedom

it's my last weekend of freedom until august. whee!

to kick it off correctly? A kick-ass pilates class (i can only hope that, under the flab, my abs are looking AWESOME), followed up by too many pieces of kick-ass spinach-ricotta pizza and a lovely summer ale. Aaaahhhhh.

a quick trip to Rehoboth might be in the cards, or a walk in the park. something fun.

but really, i'm just excited to have 2 days off in a row.

our artists started arriving this week...i had totally forgotten how much fun it is when they arrive. i was getting used to the quiet of the winter and spring, but now it's like i'm finally awake! this first batch is rehearsing a recital program of German cabaret songs, and they seem to be just lovely, lovely folks. i can't wait to get to know everybody!

i know, i'm sounding a little like Pollyanna. but i really like this time of year.


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