Tuesday morning link-o-rama

I don't have to be at work until late, and yet tragically I am up at the butt-crack of dawn. Oh, you lucky, lucky readers.

Lots going on in the Rahree-verse this week, although substantively it's pretty easy. Am off on Thursday (yay! i do love the mid-week day off...no lines at the store, fewer folks in the park...it's lurvely.), and will be getting together with a buddy that I haven't seen since she had her baby. We're hanging sans enfant, which is I think what she wants...something about the baby not sleeping. Ever. (If my mother is reading this, I KNOW, I NEVER SLEPT, MOTHER'S CURSE, YADA YADA YADA.)

Hubby is heading to da Burgh this weekend to visit family for his dad's birthday, and then to Colorado (!). I'm a little jealous - I've been to Denver once, technically, but only saw the inside of the airport and a view of the mountains through the windows. Finger crossed to make it back someday soon!

Interesting stuff:

  • read this article this morning. while it's not something i'd go out and buy, i think the concept is pretty neat. move over, washboards and tissue-papered combs!
  • back on this today. it works for me, but BOY do i fight it. time to suck it up and start again.
  • i'd love to have a drink with this lady. i bet she has GREAT stories to tell.
  • the only bummer of my job is that i can't jet to the beach with my buddies and make all this for them. well, and i don't have a beach house. and I guess I'd have to learn how to pronounce quahog sometime... ok, maybe the busy summer is a perk to save me from myself. (kway-hog? kwag? KWAY-ug? I just don't know.)
  • and if the weather is getting too warm for you, check this out.
And with that, it's about time for me to get off the couch and getamovin. Happy Tuesday!


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