words of wisdom

in pilates class, wondering why the "voluntary" muscles I have are not "volunteering" to do what I want them to. The instructor, D, a very gentle man suggests another core-busting move. Groans ensue. And he says half-jokingly

"Sounds like a gentle mutiny."

and changes the assignment.

I love that term. Gentle mutiny.

Which means:
We know you'd like us to do this, and we really like you, but we're really NOT going to do that, no matter how nicely you ask.

I plan to use that term several times over the next few weeks. Bonus points for anyone who catches it. (keep me honest)

If you're in northern VA, check out his studio - great classes, nice guy. Worth the money - I promise that you will find it tres difficile getting out of bed the morning after a class. And I totally mean that in the best possible way.


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