the coolest thing...

...was sitting down with some friends at the end of a looooong day, and having, God it had to be 20 opera singers, sing happy birthday to me in the back bar at Clyde's at midnight. Thanks everyone! Especially J, who has been such fun to get to know, and who is so good to all these crazy people we work with.

on the agenda for today? a long walk, naturlich, some mani-pedi action, dropping by my boss' house for her 50th birthday. [crazy, right? that we share the same birthday? ] and then dinner with hubby. Sounds perfect.


moe said…
ouy ot yadhtirb yppah
ouy ot yadhtirb yppah
eerhar raed yadhtirb yppah
ouy ot yadhtirb yppah
rahree said…
dude, you're the best. thanx for the ecard, too! & tell wifey that there's something (late) headed her way, too.

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