donde estas, yolanda?

Last night was the Pink Martini concert!

(Ow. Exclamation points hurt. Too many pink martinis, I'm afraid.)

We created our own little shanty town on the lawn, with people on 8 blankets from all different places. The uncles and their buddies, a friend from high school& her hubby, a bunch of Hubby's buddies from grad school, some of the cool folks that work with us in the summer, buddies from my old teaching job, L2 and folks from WashOp and UMd... there were THOUSANDS of us! L2 bought pink gin for pink martinis, there was picnic food for DAYS (I'm STILL full!) and the evening was over way too quickly.

It was such fun that I'm totally considering it my birthday party. It was so lovely to be surrounded by friends, breaking bread together, enjoying some great music.


Dr. Bobb said…
UH, Lucky! No one wishes a falling star could last forever more than ME!

By the way, I had a dream last night that you were screaming at your dog sitter. Yes, I know you don't have a dog. But boy, were you mad.

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