I made a deliberate choice to not sing professionally, despite spending many, many dollars on my education. I have a small voice that doesn't carry particularly well over anything larger than a chamber orchestra. [a large, sarcastic "thanks" goes out to every reviewer who thought it important to mention.] I like to sing, but don't necessarily need to perform; I'm happy singing in the car or for friends' weddings. Auditioning is a muscle that I don't work out often. I love to study, but I hate to polish - which basically translates into "lazy." And I have a hubby that I hate to be away from for more than a few days.

Lots of reasons. But.

Sitting in the rehearsal room, is one of my greatest pleasures. Not that I don't love the finished product, but I love the messy, crazy process much better. The frustration, the silliness, the laughter...the hard work, certainly.

And I'd be totally lying if I said that I didn't miss it.

But when one of our singers makes some of that incredible noise, I am both proud to be associated with them, and totally certain that I made the right choice for me. The performance this afternoon, filled with beautiful subtlety, lush richness and every color in between, was a perfect antidote to the woozy, tired mood I was in. Tutti bravi! E grazie.

And it seems that the more generous the spirit, the richer the voice. I wonder which begets which... I've decided pursue a richer voice, and to strive to be more generous in spirit. I may not be singing, but give me a little time and I'll have the richest voice you've never heard.

For all you folks who are singing, I hope you're feeling the love! Thanks for doing what you do.


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