8:00am big cup of coffee & a granola bar

9:30am double espresso with soy milk

11:15am another double espresso with soy milk

12:30pm two rolls of smarties [remember those? might just as well pour granulated sugar INTO YOUR VEINS. because it's totally the same thing. but colored. the sugar's colored.]

1:00pm For goodness sakes, I got the hippie hippie shakes. Or just the regular shakes. Because I'm a dork and don't subsist so well on nothing but refined sugar and caffeine.

If I spoke to you this afternoon, I'm sorry for whatever I said. Because I can't remember it.

Tomorrow's Goal? Not glazing over into sugar coma. At least until after I get home.


Paul said…
Oh, Lee. I miss you! I can absolutely hear your voice saying "INTO YOUR VEINS."

Love to you and the hubby. Hope the Wanderlust isn't getting to you too badly. Did I mention I'm moving to South Dakota for a year to teach? Probably NOT the answer to your Wanderlust, though there is an interim opening for a female voice instructor.

We MUST catch up sometime after our ears stop bleeding from opera and operetta, respectively.

rahree said…
south dakota? nuh-UH! Congrats! And I agree - there must be some catching up SOON!

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