i love my job part 18 billion

Sitting in an orchestra rehearsal, preparing for the first full opera of the summer. Whee! The composer is in the room [a luxury afforded to us who produce 20th century works], and the ensemble is doing a great job putting it together. The conductor is so cool - very down to earth and fun, and just so skilled. Between her, my boss, and the music administrator, it makes me wonder why companies insist on hiring high-maintenance folks when there are folks who are both skilled AND have good people skills AND are fun to work with. (I know, I know...in reality the best guy for the job is not necessarily going to be my favorite flavor.) When I run the world [I guess I should change that to IF I ever run the world], I will only work with fun, talented people. Jerks need not apply.

I'm at the office as much/more than at home for the next two weeks, but it's really some of the best stuff. Great music, great acting, and great bloopers all happen when you're trying to get a show on its feet. This is often the week when tempers flare, when people get nasty and rude, when emotions run high. But for me it's the best. I'm so happy when this time of the summer rolls around. I love being able to support those who are on stage and working behind the scenes. I love the refinement of the rehearsal process, which is easier to see when you're in the room once a week rather than every day. And I love seeing how proud the artists are when the first curtain call rolls around. It takes a bit of the sting out of not performing myself anymore.

So I'll be around, but not posting as often for the next week or two. Send me some love - I'll need it!


Zandria said…
I linked to this in a post I did on people who love their jobs. :)


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