lonnie joe at the safeway

I ran to the grocery store at about 1:30pm this afternoon to grab some dry ice [don't ask.], and stepped into line behind a gentleman wearing sunglasses, and way more than a 5 o'clock shadow. He looked like the stereotypical Hollywood serial killer, kidnap-the-girl-from-the-parking-lot-and-chop-her-into-little-bits-type. Scary.
I was admittedly a little antsy...had to get back to work in 10 minutes. The gentleman was talking to the teller, counting out [with difficulty] couch change to purchase two 40s of colt 45. He turned toward me, looked me up and down, and then turned back to the teller and started talking about how democrats and women are responsible for all the things that are wrong with the world.

At this point, representing both of his problem demographics, I was peeved on several levels.

His final shot - to the teller - was "Why is it that every time a woman opens her legs, my taxes go up?"

omfg. i have GOT to learn how to kick some redneck ass if i'm going to live this close to Virginny.


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