monday, monday

can't stand that day... wait, is that the way the song goes?

Oh, crazy, crazy weekend. Great, beautiful, brilliant concert on Saturday. And, what's just as fun, lots of time to chat with the artistic director on the way to the airport Sunday. Makes me feel like an ar-TEEST again!

And today, a total Monday. Way up and way down, and supa busy.

High points:
  • a (sanctioned) late start at work. That extra half-hour to do the second crossword is worth its weight in gold. Yeah, I'm too easy.
  • a totally thoughtful gift from one of the Studio singers. What a doll he is! I officially adore him.
  • not having to drive scooters around northern Virginia. Long, boring story.
  • Wendy's chicken sandwich for lunch. Hold the fries. For the first time EVER. I am a goddess of would-be-sveltness. [and, to reward myself i totally ate my weight in dark swiss chocolate from aforementioned Studio singer. Aaaaahhhh]
  • a meeting with a chamber musician who has a killer concert project - fingers crossed that it works out for 2008-9!
Low points:

  • stupid technical difficulties with costume sketches and an ornery color printer
  • having to send a "please flush the toilet" email to company members. omg. humiliating on several levels. mostly because i'm totally sure that THE SINGERS KNOW HOW TO USE THE BATHROOM. sigh. this is only slightly below having to send the PLEASE WEAR YOUR DANCEBELT AND DON'T WIGGLE YOUR WEINER AT THE COSTUMERS PLEASE email from last summer. Hey, at least it's not dull, right?
  • losing choristers and knaben left and right.
  • bad news from D - wish i could be Calgon and take her away.
  • talking to artistic staff who are struggling with each other.

Yes, the first blush is off the rose, and folks are getting frustrated with one another. I think that things in the rehearsal room are still lovey-dovey, but outside things are a little tense. And to be honest, that's the way it should be - the room is the lab where the art is created, and so the struggles should be focused on the art. But boy, we are busting ass to fix/solve/anticipate to keep those rehearsal rooms happy! Today was an easy day schedule-wise, and I still was working for 10 hours. And while I prefer it busy and ADHD like it was today, today was really the first day of official Whack-A-Mole.

I'm out of practice. Conditioning starts tomorrow.


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