i kill house plants.

on a regular basis.

I had a teaching colleague once who said that all teachers could grow houseplants. His reasoning was based on the fact that teachers had to be sensitive to non-verbal needs all day long...surely they'd know if that poor little fern in the corner needed light vs water, right?

Based on that model? I'm a piss-poor teacher.

I'd given up on houseplants, preferring the more expensive habit of fresh flowers. Because, hey, they were going to die anyway, right? I wouldn't have to feel like a failure when they started sighing and dropping petals on the piano.

But this spring, with some help from Dad in the form of boxes of lily & gladiolus bulbs and flats of forget me not, I planted my Weed Garden, in the hopes of being able to grow something. Maybe I wouldn't kill everything I touched.

A month ago I took this picture:

Look at all those crazy, spiky lily stalks! Something MUST bloom, right? Please???

And this morning? Ta da.
{It's out of focus - pre-coffee}

I'm officially off death row. Aaaahhhh


Paul said…
Yay for lilies :-)

If it makes you feel any better, I'm AWFUL with houseplants. It's not so much about "not being aware of needs" as "forgetting." On the other hand, I love my garden :-)
rahree said…
i'm so glad you said that! thanks for making me feel better :)

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