ooh, that smell...

Summer has officially reached the DC suburbs. It's hazy, hot and humid, the kind of weather that puts a new premium on shady parking spaces and air conditioning. And don't even think about leaving your car windows down, because if you do a pop-up thunderstorm will totally drench the area.

We're in the outdoor theater today. Air conditioning in the lobby - check. {What a tease!} Air conditioning in the lower level dressing room area - check. Air conditioning in the second and third floor offices - check. Air conditioning on stage? In the audience? Yeah, not so much.

I have had to do very little running around, my colleages being true sports. And yet, just from being outside a bit, I stink.

I am now officially a member of the great unwashed.
And will be for the next six hours.

Keep your distance, for your nose's sake!


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