tying up loose ends.

....actually, it's more like twisting wool into yarn. It's all fuzzy loose ends at this point!

Opened a great show last night - the link is here. If you live in the DC area, you should definitely check it out, even if opera isn't your thing. It's funny, in English, short, and the singers are pretty both to hear and look at. Really, folks, it doesn't get any better than this.

Opening a show, for the admin types, equals a looooong day. The last minute [numerous!] requests for PR materials, getting the glitches sorted out with the titles [which didn't quite work out this time...], handling last minute ticket requests, making sure the artistic folks get their checks, leading the pre-performance lecture [that one's all my boss - I get to listen, which is lurvely!] waiting until the building has cleared after the performance, all grafted on top of the normal daily duties like planning the next day's schedule, making sure rehearsals are set for the other projects concurrently rehearsing, the endless paperwork to process payroll... you get the idea. A 15-16 hour day is the norm.

And I'll admit, I'm whupped.

And not only that, but I'm already running late for today's run. Another performance this afternoon, but this one a private event for opera lovers. My boss is performing, so it's fun but a little more draining for her. And rehearsals in the afternoon and evening, some running the same time as the concert. Another busy day!
Gotta get moving!


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