worst birthday gift ever

Went walking on my birthday in the park - love to do it, have less time to in the summer than I'd like due to the crazy work schedule. But I took two hours to mosey around, watch the herons and turtles, climb over big rocks, and clear my mental attic.

Used bug spray and spf 30 like i usually do. Mamma didn't raise no fool.

Didn't notice anything unusual when I got home.

The next morning? A tiny red bump on my shoulder.

Fast forward several days later. There's still a bump, but it's got a weird thing going on in the center. [sparing you the gory details] And it's surrounded by a rash. And the inside of the rash is clearing up before the outside so it looks like - you got it! - a bullseye.

Looked up "lyme disease" on hypochondriacs.net - I mean, webMD. Hmmm....
Got to work, where my boss K had sent an email [or three] saying "skip the meeting, go to the doctor." and my big [as in influence, rather than size.] boss A came to my office and scared me into going to the doctor THIS MORNING.

Several hours and a blood test later: sitting on the couch with a Lyme disease diagnosis and a vial of WEEKS worth of antibiotics. Awesome.

On the plus side, I am grateful to have colleagues who are so supportive, and really look out for me on every level. Without the scary stories, I totally wouldn't have taken the time out to go to the doctor. They totally rock.

I hope the Universe kept the receipt. I'm SO trading this present in for a Rhino Records Heavy-Metal Ballads set.


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