A breath of fresh air today, literally. The humidity has given us a brief respite and my time is the office is abbreviated, which equals a lurvely day! On the docket:
  • play a little piano before heading to the office
  • spend a half-day at my desk, knowing that folks - if they bother coming in - will be terribly happy to see my shining face. (Payday is ALWAYS a good day!)
  • did I mention that I'll be spending my office time with the WINDOW OPEN? aaaahhhhh....
  • head to the old neighborhood to daydream and look at a house with my realtor.
  • long walk in old neighborhood, for old times (new times?) sake.
  • bookstore for a new read. have finished all my bedside books, and the ones I have are a little heavier than I'm good for in the summer. {Guns, Germs and Warfare, anyone? Ugh. Among other tomes, I will totally be picking up the last Harry Potter and reserving the new one. Because I still am 12 at heart. And am TOTALLY ok with it.}
  • head home: finish some quick chores while dinner's on the grill.
Yay! Hope your day is similarly relaxing and enjoyable.


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