Captain Waaaaahhhhh

I'm officially tired. It's not so much the not-enough-sleep kind of tired, it's the cumulative fatigue that you feel after being on-task for a little too long.

(Disclaimer: I've not been on task well, either, lately. To all of you moms out there, I do NOT know how you do it.)

I find myself struggling to stay open. To be emotionally flexible, to not be stingy with my time and attention. I cannot count the times that a person has come to my office, and I totally lose focus way before they're done talking to me. I hate it when it happens to me - why am I doing it to others?

I want to say "no" more often. I whine. Physically I'm not exercising, and am hunched over a computer most of the day. I'm trying to funnel requests and demands from lots of different personalities, which is fun and a total job perk when I'm not tired. When I'm tired, though, I'm wondering why no one is bending over backwards for me or my colleagues.

Yessir, the self-pity party has totally started. Bring a beverage and hunker's going to be a long ride.

I know the best way to get re-energized is to give more and do so with a light heart. To take better care of myself. To set aside time to hang out with hubby. And the end is in sight - 4 more crazy weeks, and then many of these fun folks leave. I need to enjoy them while they're around - who knows when our paths will cross again?

Note to self: suck it up. With a smile. :)


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