I read this story in the Post this morning.

A man breaks into an al fresco dinner party, totally intent on causing harm. Grabs a teenager and holds her at gunpoint. And someone at the party asks him to calm down and offers him a glass of wine.

And evidently it's really good wine.

End of the story? He leaves. After a tipple and a hug. No one is hurt, and the crystal wine glass is found, intact, outside the homeowner's fence.

(The folks at the party go inside, call 911 and freak out. As would I.)

This story - and really, it's a gem of a short story except it really occurred - makes me feel a little better about people in general. It makes me sad for the girl who was his target, and that the dude would feel so alienated that the only way he knew how to get what he needed was by using a gun. But everyone made the right choices in this crazy situation, and it came out with a positive resolution.

Ok. I'm a Pollyanna. But you knew that already. And hell, if nothing else, it proves that wine is good for people in a multitude of ways. :)


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