the hympathy

When my brother was little he had a hard time saying words with the letter "s": Sue became "Hoo", fork, became "hork" get the picture. Add to that my mom's habit of swapping similar-sounding nouns - as in "pot hole" for "taco." {"We're having pot holes for dinner tonight."}, and well, you start to understand where I come from linguistically.

I bring this up because tonight and tomorrow night I'm working Sympathy [or hympathy, depending on who you ask] concerts. Mozart and Mancini tonight, and a broadway pops show tomorrow. The orchestra is first-rate, and the soloists are not just fab players, but also totally personable.

So you should not have any hymphony for me, dear readers, as the weather is cool and breezy, and just about as perfect as anyone could wish for a summer's evening. Wish you were here!


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