man vs wild

Have you seen this show? Where this guy - Bear something - parachutes into the wild (Amazon/Outback/Colorado Mountains) with only a knife, a bottle of water and, if it's cold, a flint to start a fire. Dude makes his own rafts, kills his own food (ew.), wears his boxers on his head (can you say CHAFING?) and actually drank his pee. On tv.

Full disclosure: if someone dropped me into the middle of any of these scenarios, I'd curl up into a ball and weep. I have a healthy dose of respect towards this man and his survival skills.

But someone please remind me of this one fact when I start to bitch about my job.
Last minute crisis? No problem.


Ladies, one guess as to who is holding the remote control on this fun-filled Friday evening. Next time he gets up it's chick flick time. Let's see how Man vs Wild does against Miranda Priestly...


Dr. Bobb said…
Since drinking pee dehydrates you FASTER than drinking nothing at all, I think I'd rather go with YOUR method of wilderness survival. At least curling yourslef up into a ball would preserve body heat.
rahree said…
how gross, right? i could not believe it.
Paul said…
Then there was the episode where he got water by SQUEEZING IT OUT OF ELEPHANT DUNG! EEEwww!
rahree said…
i'm so glad I'm not the only one fascinated by this guy! that's SO GROSS!

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