motivation, or lack thereof

not expected at work until later today. have had a lovely 2 cups of coffee, read the paper AND finished the puzzles. And now my choices are:

  • keep working on the perfect butt-shaped dent in my couch
  • go for a little jog & then get ready for work
  • knock out a few more chapters of Zadie Smith's White Teeth
  • try the new exercise dvd that i bought
  • check out a movie on the tube
  • hit the mall for some retail therapy
you'll notice that none of the above events require large amounts of brain cells. Because I have so, so very few to spare. i should probably move - i think that the jog is going to win out over the other activities. i dream about running, but in my dreams it's a really lovely, transcendent experiences and, well, the reality doesn't come close. but if i'm good and do it zippily enough, maybe i'll also be able to fit in some retail therapy!

the cat just hopped up onto my lap....maybe i'll just sit here for a few more minutes....


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