So I took my first walk today since the whole Lyme Disease thing. It's been almost a month since I've been out, and I didn't realize how much I've missed it. It's already hot and quite humid this morning, and everything is heavier...the water is moving more slowly, the leaves are a dark green and hanging motionless like little lead weights. I saw a bajillion turtles...not sure why that makes me happy, but it does.

I think that my brains are actually connected to my feet. Walking is really the best way I have for processing situations, figuring things out. When I was singing, it was the way that I memorized...walking around the practice room, then taking the role to the streets and drilling it. When faced with big life changes, I walk to figure out which choice, which path, what to fight for. Am trying to reconcile a situation with an artist at work where I know that they really need this certain thing, but I can't allow it on several levels. And there will be some hard feelings...on both sides: on the artist's because we're not being supportive enough, on mine because I've really bent over backwards to make things right, but there's always something else that this person needs, another issue...and it makes me grumpy. As an administrator, I want to make our folks' experiences here positive. And I really like this artist - the motivation is not malicious. But in wanting to really care for folks, it's hard to say "no." Especially when I enjoy saying "yes" so much more.

No conclusion reached on my morning jaunt, but I feel better about it... Cheap therapy, to be sure.


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