saturday, or why I am still a teenage girl

Yesterday, as a reward for actually going to the gym on a weekday, I went to Barnes and Noble and bought the new Harry Potter book. Thinking that Saturday was going to be stormy and humid and generally unfriendly, I planned to get up after a long Friday, make a pot of good -ol Day-off-from-work hazelnut coffee, and start reading.

Got home from work at 11:00pm on Friday. Commenced reading at 11:15pm. On Friday.

Took a break to sleep at 1:15am.

Awake and reading at 8:30am, Saturday morning, with Day-off-from-work hazelnut coffee firmly in hand.

Finished by noon. AAAAAHHHHH.

Great book! (No spoilers here, except that I plan, as soon as the season finishes, to reread the whole series. S -l-o-w-l-y. And in the process, figure out how to de-muggle-ize myself. And find myself a house elf.)

And there was time enough post-novel-completion to buy picture frames for 3 awesome photos of herons and Great Falls. And new shoes for fall... Two pairs... Yay! And a soiree at the stylish home of one of Hubby's grad school pals, with lots of kids and new folks and food and wine.

I wish every day would start with a little magic...


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