unintentional water feature part 82

Am being forced to the gym this morning, as the shower-door-guy came yesterday to fix the shower door.


And there will be no showering today at the Rahree homestead, as we're trying to let some silicone something set up. Ugh. For the aggravation and the invasiveness of this whole process, the silicone should've been in my boobs rather than the freaking shower door. Grrrrr...Say a little prayer that it works. Or I may go absolutely bonkers.

The gym thing is actually good...a little cardio before hitting the office would do me some good, as I am sporting a badonkadonk butt. (None of the designers are showing them for the fall, so I should start working on it.) VKW is in town, and when she arrives I suddenly get interested in jogging again. Am hoping to sign up for a 5K sometime soon, just to give me something to work towards. I did a Race for the Cure in Pittsburgh a few years ago, and actually had fun... let's see if I can get it together for this fall.

The plan is to hit the gym, and then swing by the bookstore on the way to work. Because I am going to buy the last installment of Harry Potter. I've delayed buying one because I know I'll just want to read it and do no other work, but tomorrow I have a DAY OFF! AND it's supposed to be hot and stormy...a perfect day to sit on the couch with a diet soda, bowl of popcorn, and a big thick book! Wheeee!

Tonight? A totally charmant opera - French, silly, and totally fun. And - a perk for me this particular evening - short.

Tomorrow? Reading Harry Potter, trying to sketch out a rehearsal schedule for a project I'm directing in the fall that will allow me both a good chuck of time to work and some needed vacation time. (I've been a little panicky about taking on the project, as the folks running the company need more from me than I can give right now. But it'll be fun if I can get it worked out so that hubby and I get some time together beforehand.) And showering in my own home WITHOUT RAIN IN THE KITCHEN.

*sigh.* A girl can dream, can't she?


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