where am i?

Woke up at quarter-to-six this morning having an "oh SHIT" moment. Now, no one is going to bleed or die because of what I forgot, but I still couldn't get back to sleep. I hate that.

In fact, I think I've lost all ability to think ahead. Unless it's to daydream...suddenly I've become really adept and well-practiced at taking mental vacations. And it'd be OK to take a mental cruise to the Mediterranean if I could first make sure that I had thought through my work enough to see that it all gets done. But no, I have piles of crap on my desk to deal with and am instead thinking about how nice it would be to be sunbathing at the beach. Slackmaster.

So I guess I'll try to get it out of my system before coming into work today. Today's agenda:
  • Get the paper off of my desk - file, process, act on, burn up. Don't care, just gone.
  • Bug folks at work and at another company re: a tricky contract
  • Beg HR to do an evening chorus orientation
  • Try to find if a particular set of hotel keys are in or out-of-state
  • Lunch with singers, my boss and the BIG boss
  • Reconcile the budget and start working on projections for 2008. Ugh.
  • Listen to Opera #1 that I'll be staging for a teeny local company in the fall
  • Upload photos from this weekend's opera - tres charmant!
  • Finish building audition pages for the fall

We'll see what else comes up today. But at least now I have a game plan, right? So I'm totally justified in daydreaming a little...


djhenze said…
I wish I were there too!


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