200th post!

Ta DA!

I have officially been writing WAY longer than I should've.

To celebrate, I am re-linking to one of my favorite posts from Yogabeans. When people ask me if my husband does yoga I say "hell, NO." and think of this post. If Marge Simpson ever runs out of action figures to put through their paces, I will happily volunteer Hubby and his grad school buddies for class. If she can put up with that sassy Batman, she can totally handle my crew.

To recap from the first post: still love hubby, job, cat. Still looking for a house. Still trying to decide about starting a family. Still too obsessed with shoes. Still a little too crisco (fat in the can), but still working on it.

Yup. As lame as it is, things are still good. And for that I'm thankful.


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