breathing room

Last show this evening...load out until the wee hours of the morning. (Early-morning wakefulness brought to you by Starbucks and a slap in the face) It'll be sad to see these "kids" go - they've been a great bunch; both good at what they do and good to each other. (it's that latter part that's sometimes tricky) And colleagues T&EL and JW are moving on to new states and countries. They'll be missed.

But today, a change is in the air.

Literally. It's cooler. There's no humidity. The sun is out full force.

Figuratively. Fewer people to keep track of. Shorter days at work. An autumnal sweetness in the air.

I'm starting to reclaim my starting to get back in the habit of walking/exercising daily. It's my favorite way to track the seasons: to watch the way nature segues gently from green to brown to golds and reds. And the young bucks have fuzzy antlers - so cute! (Although I don't tell them that - they get pretty sensitive.) It feels like a luxury to slow down enough to notice what's going on around me without it having to shout for my attention.

I have oodles of teacher friends from my 7+ years of teaching, and they're all winding up for re-entry. So I have this teeny-tiny window to catch up with all of them before they're caught up in lesson plans and adjusting to insanely early alarm clocks. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with them before December hits and we wonder where the time goes.

Along those lines, saw the John Hiatt concert (with some teacher friends, naturlich) on Thursday, and he was talking from the stage about aging. How no one tells us how quickly time will move when we're adults. How important it is to make time, to spend time with the folks we care about.

I'm looking forward to taking a deep breath and looking around.


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