Brought to you by August and WDVE

I moved to Pittsburgh, PA as a high-school freshman. I fell in love with wxdx, an alternative radio station that played Siouxsie and the Banshees, REM, Love and Rockets, The get it. But there was another station, wdve, that had the bestest morning show ever. And my buddy D and I memorized just about every routine on that show. Bobby Subgum, Zig and Zap, Stanley P. Kachowski...we could sing/recite them all...

...and, for the most part, still can.

So here's my tribute to late August weather, Hot as Hell, a "sensitive poetry" by JT, ripped directly from 1980's radio.

(Read aloud in your angriest voice)

It's hot as hell,
Hear what I say!
My whole life is a big flambe.
I'm as hot as an engine in a Chevrolet
It's hot as hell, damn hot, OK?!

Ain't got no air-conditioning
Ain't got no fan,
My back porch feel like a fryin' pan
I'm an angry, sticky, smelly man.
It's hot as hell, don't you understand?!

It's hot!
It's hot!
It's hot as hell!
Makes you wanna run outside and yell
"You wanna know how my armpits smell?"
It's hot as hell.

I'm gonna kill you.

Just think of all the info that I could've remembered had that little gem not been stuck in my head. But - if anyone has these morning show tapes - PLEASE LET ME KNOW - Christmas is coming, and my brother will buy the whole set from you. He might not give them to me, but at least they'll be in the family.

Next installment? The commercial for Buford's House of Liver. Stay tuned! (I know you will...)


Anonymous said…
That is so funny. I remember having a cd with this on it from about 20 years ago. Thanks for posting this!

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