Christmas, early!

Whee! Something you might not know about me? I'm an assembly junkie.

Not school assemblies, or other meeting of large groups of people. I'm talking getting a box of a gazillion pieces that magically transform into a dining room table or a barbecue grill. I love IKEA and all it stands for, mostly because purchase of just about anything = an afternoon solving a big 3-D puzzle. And the best thing? After solving the puzzle, which is a great thing all by itself, I get to use said puzzle for cooking, sitting on or at, putting my clothes in. I think I've assembled the dressers, bookshelves, desk, Weber grill, one of the beds... you get the picture.

At right? This afternoon's project. Bidding hubby's college-era tile topped kitchen table adieu (it was all I could do to not break it into little pieces...) and putting together a pretty, dark wood table. With a leaf. So we can actually have people over without sitting in each other's laps. (Which is a great conversation starter, but not so good on chili night.)

So, if you panic when faced with a box of parts and a Swedish direction sheet, gimme a call. I'm totally available.


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