Why are the cutest shoes not comfortable for more than a few hours? It's like the cuteness factor is inversely proportional to the comfort factor. Unfair.
And don't lecture me about flats coming back/being cute/being better for me. My husband is a full foot taller than I am. Without heels on, I end up squarely in his armpit.
It's summer in suburban DC and it is insanely HOT.
His armpit is not among the places I want to spend any more time than need be.
Fall-winter-spring? Fine. Mid-August? Most emphatically no.
C'mon geniuses of the world...make me a shoe that adds 2 or three inches to my height, makes me look taller and thinner, makes me nicer to mankind AND doesn't feel like I'm trying to push my toes into the barrel of a ball-point pen.
I know there'd be a market for it.


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