...everywhere, but not a drop to drink...

Today was a rich, musical day. A good day!

Started off watching a dance class with our Studio singers. They've been taking sporadic classes with B, a Mark Morris company member,{BTW, he's brilliant. Adore him!} and had their final "class-with-an-audience" today. I was lucky enough in undergrad to have dance classes several days a week, and actually sat in on the first day of class with the Studio and B - I LOVE dance class, even if I'm not so good at it; love being able to articulate a musical phrase with my body rather than my voice. And it's so great to see the folks who are nervous at the start really take ownership at the end. I'd be totally lying if I said that it was easy to sit and watch, though. It was so hard to sit still!

A little office work and then the "dancers" from the morning presented a scenes program - Mozart, with a Verdi finale thrown in. I have to say that I've heard grad school singers and even WT auditionees who aren't as good at recitative as these folks have become. And even though it's not due to anything I did, I can't help but be proud of their progress.

Nice chats at the reception following the concert, and then a quiet ride home.

Took the longish way home, past horse farms and over the river. It was just starting to get dark, just starting to cool off in that hazy, late summer way. I opened every window, let the wind comb my hair, and sang my fool head off. "Persuasion" by Teddy & Richard Thompson. I love this song on many levels: that it's a father-son duo singing one of Dad's songs (one of my earliest memories of singing is harmonizing - with a loretta-lynn twang - with my Mom in church every time Amazing Grace was on the docket. )I love that I can interpret its meaning differently depending on my frame of mind when I hear it, and that the vocal qualities are so different, with Richard being gruff and Teddy being almost too-pristine. And I love that I can sing along with the melody or the harmony, but choose most often to sing a third harmony part. Actually, that's the truth with most of my car-sing-along tracks...I'm the invisible bandmate, the backup singer who doesn't bother being tasteful and just harmonizes with everything.

Which gets me thinking. I miss collaborating musically. Now that I've had a year to start to get this job under my belt I finally have some time for some extra-curricular activities. I've taken a small directing gig, but I'm doing little actual music-making.

It's time.

Time to figure out what - who? - my voice is after this hiatus and change of profession, and how to be heard. It's exciting - time to explore things that have been verboten, time to get back to some writing & composing...playtime. And time to find some friends to play along.

Boy, am I looking forward to it. :)


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