the good seats

Another day in the amphitheater. Another day of listening to glorious music played for me and a handful of colleagues.

Yup. Life is tough.

Tonight is the dress rehearsal for Flute. In the big theater our rehearsals are mostly closed: the park rangers and support staff [food & beverage, merchandise, ushers] are not around, so it's dark and not terribly safe for folks that are unfamiliar with the park. When the National Symphony rehearses it's during the day - less problematic but also usually closed. When the opera's in the building, though, lighting needs, orchestra schedules and singer throats dictate a 7 or 8pm start time.

The best part? A mostly full-out performance for the handful of people involved with the show. The director and assistant director, designers, music staff, title operators will all be there taking notes and running the cues one more time. Stage management will be tightening up cues, and maybe even taking a spin in a unicorn costume. (Hi CZ!) Those of us involved in the admin side of things, however, can usually take at least part of the evening to sit in the house and listen. To let the music wash over us when there's no one else around, to watch the singers we've grown so fond of owning their roles and singing brilliantly, well, it's truly a little slice of heaven. You should be totally jealous.

Toi toi toi to the singers and musicians tonight. I'll be the one clapping the longest.


Cristina said…
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Cristina said…
HOLA from the unicorn!!
rahree said…
hi Uni - kick butt tonight! :)

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