grindstone? i guess...

Spending this week cleaning up the remains of the summer. No one is in the office this week, so I'll spend today with the windows open and the iTunes cranking. My office is in the corridor with the IT guys, who are always surprised with the sounds coming out of my office... some opera, some pop, a smattering of jazz, and me singing along with all of it! Poor guys.

We've had a handful of applications trickle in, and are still waiting to see if we'll have an online application this fall. (Note to self: learn HTML. Fast.) I know that putting the application materials together is a HUGE pain in the butt...everyone wants some variation on the "application, headshot, resume, fee, recording" melody, and it can be maddening. But if we don't know you, our first impression starts there. If we do know you, we're looking to see what's new/different.

But the two projects I have lined up for today are Grantmaker and Travel Agent.

Grantmaker: Must start working on paperwork for the NEA, which involves sifting through lots of statistics and past applications to make sure numbers are accurate. It's a great way for me to familiarize myself with the process, as I've worked on smaller grants but never a big one. And a great way to learn more about the's hard to keep on top of a company history that's been around longer than I have...

Travel Agent: booking travel and hotel reservations for the audition tour. There are more of us this year with the Boss, EM and me, [I'm doing the whole tour rather than just 3 cities - yay! I think.] , and with JW flying in and out for the Studio auditions. This makes me nervous, as it seems that I can't get the dates to gel in my head, and I live in fear of booking the wrong, non-refundable flight on the wrong day or stranding someone on the other side of the country... the faster I finish that, the better.

But the best part of today, and this part of the season, really, is the daydreaming. Since we don't pick the opera until we've heard the singers, it's time to listen to operas I'm not as familiar with, to revisit old favorites, to start adding to the mental library that'll allow me to hear someone and say "Wouldn't she make a great ?"

And at the end of the day? Meeting hubby for a "modeling gig" on the lawn. Free dinner & a show, and the chance to hang with hubby and some friends, all for the price of a few pictures. (Heck, free food?! I'm in...I'm soooo easy.)


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