internal clock

I'm an early bird.

When I was little, my folks bought black-out blinds and covered the walls of my room with cork to keep out the sun and the sounds of the birds. Because I didn't sleep. Ever.

In high school I loved to sleep in, but hell, who doesn't?

In college my dance classes were all at 8:30am. No thinking, just stretching for the first 30 was a great way to start the day, no matter how much I hated getting out of bed.

When I was teaching I had to be at school by 7:45am. I went through a jogging phase where I was getting up at 5:00am to run.

But I've been working until midnight or later the last few nights, and my body is all ausgefucked. "Sleeping in until 9am? How old are you? You know you're not in high school anymore - you couldn't get your butt into your 90s jeans with a crowbar!" (My body talks trash like a pro.)

For this week? NOT an early bird.

It's 10:30am. I've been up for an hour. My cat is totally harassing me (with his claws), my work to do list is already WAY over 20 items long, and what I'd really like to do involves long walk in the park followed by a late lunch with buddies and a nice glass of wine and a nap.

Maybe next week, eh?

My consolation? The long nights at work are fun - beautiful music, great colleagues who won't be in town for much longer, and weather that is being amazingly cooperative for mid-August.

More to come on work...after i figure out how this IV caffeine drip works...


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