a little friendly (if prudish) advice.

Now, I may receive serious hate mail for going here, but I have an opinion or two (and, well, it's my blog and i'll kvetch if i want to) for singers regarding audition wear. Now, I am no expert, audition-wise, fashion-wise or otherwise, so please don't hate me - other folks are smarter and not as ADD as I am, and can probably focus around these types of distractions. These are just things I've gleaned from my limited time behind the table.
Most of these are aimed at ladies, because they have more options and therefore more occasions to stun/shock than most guys. So here goes Rahree's list of clothing-that-distracts-me-from-your-singing.
  • Please don't wear eveningwear unless it's specifically asked for. (Is it ever? Maybe, I s'pose.) No tuxes. Long skirts or dresses are great. If said dress is backless and/or covered in sequins, not so much. Think of it less as a recital performance, and more like a job interview. A really, really strange job interview.
  • Please wear something that you feel confident in...worrying about a loose strap rather than your character will telegraph to us. And then we'll be right there wondering with you if something's going to slip.
  • If you're not a high-heel wearer, practice in them. Or skip them.
  • If you're a nervous shaker, those lovely jersey dresses that move with you and are soooo comfortable will show us your shaking & nerves. And your breathing. And a pretty good idea of lots of other things. I own a bunch and looove them, but if you're wearing them to an audition, at least make sure it's a dark color. Or sing your arias in it under a totally unflattering fluorescent light. You'll see.
  • Skirt - vs - pants? Don't care. At all. Whatever you feel better in will work just fine.
  • Here's the biggie. Please don't skip the foundation garments. Please. You have no idea what the temperature in the room will be, but we sure will when you enter. Plus, if you're doing ANYTHING with coloratura, I beseech you, wear a bra. If you're totally working a plunging neckline - and those dresses are totally cute, too - do us a favor and pin it up a little or wear a tank underneath. That way no one - not you, not us - will spend any time speculating if we'll be having a Janet Jackson Super Bowl replay.
  • And, along the same lines, we don't need to see said foundation garments...hide those bra straps and vpl, ladies.
  • Guys, if you wear your jacket, make sure it doesn't compromise your movement. Or make you carry yourself like your dad. (it's a total token comment. If you're clean and ironed and your clothes fit and you feel good, there's usually enough structure in men's clothes to hide breathing and jiggling. BUT if you look supa chic and put together, we will totally notice.)
I'm really not a prude. I love cleavage (or, rather, would if I had any) and curve-conscious clothes. And I am no fashion plate. Any of these "don'ts" would be total "do's" in other circumstances ... but they will distract us (meaning me) from the real reason we're all there: to hear you sing, to watch you perform.

And I mention these things because I love you and, well, I'd rather remember your beautiful voice or your compelling characterization than your jiggly boobies. No offense.

(The men at the table might disagree, but like I said, my blog, my bitch.)


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